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Meet Chris Havekost (Owner)

Born and raised here in Ft.Collins owner Chris Havekost has lived in the fitness industry for over 25 years! Growing up lifting weights in so many different gyms he began formulating a dream.

Traveling the world seeing so many different gyms and their equipment a list began to form in his mind. This list was of all of the very best equipment in the industry. Pieces that would make lifting safe for the beginner who is just trying to understand how the muscles feel and work. Then on to the intermediate and even expert lifter who are really testing themselves and the limits of strength and muscle size.

Chris, having lifted his whole life competitively, had experienced so many injuries. Torn rotator cuffs, acl/mcl strains and tears, muscle tears, lower back pain and even back surgery in 1999, core issues, and the list goes on. So of course this list kept perfect of range of motion in mind for those that would need to use lifting to rehabilitate injuries of all sorts.

After the opportunity arose for Chris, a life long dream, to train at the gym where Mr.Olympia Phil Heath trained at Armbrust Pro Gym,  he traveled to Denver every day for 2 years just to work out. Most did not understand this mentality or the reasoning behind it. Just walking into this gym Chris felt like never before. The motivating music, all of the athletes on the walls of all disciplines, the insane assortment of plate loaded equipment so that any lifter on any level could be successful.

Chris then realized what he was put here to do which was to bring a gym like this to Ft.Collins. So that is what he did.  Did we mention he is a nationally ranked bodybuilder?!!!! 


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Prodigy Gym & Fitness
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