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The Best Gym Equipment in North America

Locally owned and operated Prodigy Gym & Fitness has brought a gym to Ft. Collins that specializes in having all of the very best range of motion machines making it safe for lifters of all levels beginning to expert and especially injury rehabilitation!

You can find over 65 plate loaded pieces ranging from Hammer Strength’s complete line of plate loaded machines (yes EVERYTHING they have ever made), Strive, Nautilus, Icarian (donkey calf raise that is rarely found), Flex, Nebula, Rogue, Dyna body (Ultra rare standing chest press), Magnum, MedX Avenger leg press (the ONLY gym in the nation that has this piece), Dumb bells up to 150 lbs, multiple squat racks, 3 dead-lift platforms, free weight benches, preacher curls, decline/incline benches, shoulder press benches, free weight bars of multiple angles and weights and much more for those who prefer free weights. Did we mention we have just about EVERY lifting attachment known to man??? And if we don’t have it and you can tell us why we need it WE WILL GET IT! And if you haven’t gotten it yet this gym thrives on having the very best on the market EVERYTHING! With this midtown gym there is no exception with the cardiovascular equipment! Prodigy Gym offers the dreaded Jacobs Ladder (only gym in Northern Colorado to have this piece), Stairmasters, elliptical’s, stand/sit down stationary bikes, and rowing machine!


And coming soon...

Woodway’s Curve Treadmill (No Stress On The Knees For Runners)!

Arc Trainers

Rope Pull Machine (Every Angle Pulling)  

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Prodigy Gym & Fitness
1739 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525


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